Melbourne Water Conference 2015

The Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference 2015

The Environmental Leaders and Livestock Managers of 2015 had the honour of representing Vermont Primary School in the 2015 Kids Teaching Kids conference sponsored by Melbourne Water. This was held at Etihad Stadium over two days. The water conference is an event where students from all across the state come to teach peers researched knowledge on the chosen topic in a fun and engaging way. This year’s topic was “Water is Life” and Vermont presented an interactive, enjoyable presentation on fresh water in 3rd world countries. We then got to participate in other students presentations and learnt about littering, how it affects our water supply, and how it affects our sea life. After a dinner and disco we went home to rest, ready for an even bigger day tomorrow. The next day we departed for Collingwood Children’s Farm at 8:00 am. We watched and got involved in more presentations that taught us interesting information we never knew. From building bird houses to holding eels to taking selfies with goats! Overall, the Melbourne Water Conference was lots of fun and a great success.

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