Melbourne Water Incursion

Last week, the Grades 3 and 4 attended an Incursion organised by Melbourne Water as part of our Water Module. Firstly, we looked at a small scale model of a landscape that had minimal buildings on it. We discussed the amount of open space and green areas. We poured a jug of water over the landscape to mimic rain and we watched what happened to the rain. It was soaked up back into the Earth. Next, we built a man-made city out of Lego, this part was extra fun! The city filled up almost the whole landscape, just like it does in Melbourne. Again, we poured ‘rain’ over the city and watched what happened. It ran straight into the storm water drain and collected into the jug we put underneath. We learnt that the more green space we have in the cities, the more the rain water returns to the ground instead of straight into storm water. This was a really fun way of learning about what happens to our rain water and what we can do to collect it.

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