Middle Kinglake Primary Gets Growing

Bird and Butterfly Gardens: Recently I completed the final report for Landcare in regards to a grant for $2000 we secured last June to develop our school gardens. After our biodiversity audit last year, we decided we needed to increase the range of plants and animals we have in our school by starting with bird and butterfly gardens. We would like to thank the sponsors of our project, Corporate Express Go Green Junior Landcare, for all their support. They have enabled the grounds of our new school to start to come alive with more plants and the animals they support. After the 2009 bushfires it has been really important to replant to support the remaining fauna of Kinglake and encourage them to feed and breed in our area. Our new school site was previously paddocks and by planting in this particular area we have created a green corridor between the National Park and private properties. We are excited to see the impact of our planting and the students have loved being involved in this project. Although the plants are still small, the gardens are starting to come alive with more fauna and in particular, more indigenous fauna. It is wonderful to see and be a part of. We also need to thank Woodleigh School for helping us with most of our major plantings. On a number of occasions they have arrived with tools and gloves and lots of energy to work alongside our students to plant over 600 plants over the past 12 months. What an amazing effort! John Stewart and Kinglake Landcare have also supported us with advice, tools and help when ever we’ve needed it. Thank you to John, Kinglake Landcare, Woodleigh School and Corporate Express Go Green Junior Landcare from the entire Middle Kinglake Primary School Community and the wildlife of Kinglake.

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