Mixed (comingle) Recycling

As part of our school’s SEMP we aim to “To reduce our landfill waste and increase our recycling by including the recycling of plastics (soft and mixed)”

One of the goals was to initiate a plastic recycling program. Therefore, at the start of March 2019 we started a mixed (comingle) recycling system organised through our current provider, Premier Waste.

Looking at our recycling data, we have already seen a dramatic change with the amount of rubbish we send to landfill dropping from 15.0m3 to 10.3m3 in March. This was backed up from our April data where the amount to landfill further dropped to only 7.2m3. Overall since we introduced our comingled recycling system we have seen our % of rubbish sent to landfill drop from 67.9% to 40.2 %. This is a fantastic start and we hope to continue reducing our school’s waste. GO TEAM KUNYUNG!!!

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