MPS ENERGY Assembly with MEFL

Lucy, from the Moreland Energy Foundation Limited, or MEFL, came to Moreland Primary school on Monday, 11th August. She spoke at assembly about how we could save energy. At Moreland we want to reduce wasteful energy use. We do this so that we can save money on power bills. Another reason we want to reduce our energy use, is that we want to save our planet Earth, because we know that the energy we use makes greenhouse gas, and that leads to climate change and Global warming.
Over the last 2 weeks we had a colouring in competition. All the students did a great job. Lucy brought in prizes for the winners. Congratulations to all the winners. Their pictures are on display in the hall. Thank you to Lucy and MEFL, for providing the prizes.
For Science Week, we launched our new compost program and congratulate the Grade 5/6s for bringing healthy, nude food to school. They had the most compost in their bin and are helping to keep our worms happy and our gardens composted. The more we compost, the less waste goes into landfill.
Below is some information about MEFL and the work they do. All families are encouraged to go on line for more information or to contact MEFL.
The Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd, or MEFL, was established to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the municipality of Moreland.
MEFL acts as a connection between the Moreland community and the broader climate change action movement. MEFL is the first and only such organisation of its kind in Australia.
Their vision is that Moreland will be: ‘An active, inspired community tackling climate change with sustainable energy solutions.’
On a day-to-day basis they work with households, businesses and the wider community to:
• Reduce wasteful energy use
• Save money on power bills
• Promote practical sustainable ideas that make homes and buildings more comfortable to live and work in
• Encourage the use of greenhouse friendly and energy efficient domestic, commercial and industrial appliances
• Help people understand that the energy they use makes greenhouses gas that causes climate change
• Develop local low carbon alternatives to avoid coal based electricity generation
• Provide leadership in an urgent transition to a sustainable energy future.

This work is done through:
• Advice, training, consultancy services and advocacy
• Cheap and easy energy-saving tips, resource guides and info kits
• Home Renovators Service
• Detailed energy-efficiency audits and recommendations
• Partnership with like-minded bodies to increase our reach into the community and increase resources available for our work
• Facilitating research into new energy efficient technologies that will assist in reducing emissions
• Consultation with government to discuss options to make it easier for people to reduce energy use.
This is the MEFL web site.

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