What is it like being the sustainability captain at our school?

I think being a sustainability captain, is a great chance for me to teach younger students as well as seniors to learn more about how to be sustainable for the incoming future. Our school is doing the best they can to help us be more sustainable. As Sustainability Captain I must act as a role model to everyone in the school as well as outside of school with my family and friends. When it is usually school Pride Day, I would help as many people as I can if they do not know where to put there rubbish. I also have a 2 day job every week where I give up half of my lunch time to clean and pick up rubbish from the eating area, which I am happy to do to make the school a better and sustainable school.

I would usually meet Miss Richards and Miss Ison for any Jobs around the school. Mikaela and I would sometimes do a speech in front of the whole school saying how hard working everyone is to try and keep the school clean. The Sustainability team would usually discuss any jobs to give our Sustainability helpers. Mikaela, Miss Richards, Miss Fullerton, Miss Ison and I would sometimes have a private conversation on sustainability dates and times.

My job is important because Mikaela and I must make sure that the school is neat and clean as possible, it is my job to help others and teach them how to be sustainable. My job is important because it is something I have wanted to have.


Sustainability – The earth is a fine place worth fighting for.

Determination – even if I am tired and weak, I can still breathe and work hard to reach my dreams.

Natasha – Sustainability Captain 2020

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