Nest Boxes at KPS

With the recent storms unfortunately our school has lost some of its large eucalyptus trees. These trees are very important to the biodiversity of the local community and support a huge variety of animals like kookaburras, microbats, owls, parrots, galahs and possums, for nesting, roosting and shelter.

Australia has the most hollow-dependent wildlife in the world and it takes at least 80 years for these trees to start forming hollows and even longer for a hollow to be big enough to fit a brushtail possum or large bird. Considering these facts, it is extremely important that we help our local animals by constructing nest boxes and placing them in our surrounding trees which do not contain natural hollows. Nest boxes mimic the hollows in trees and provide wildlife with a comfortable and safe place to rest or raise their young. The picture attached shows a year 3 boy working hard during his current unit of inquiry on ‘sharing the planet’, helping build a large brushtail possum nest box that can be placed in a nearby tree.

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