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As part of the Turner House Early Learning Centre’s unit of enquiry ‘Sharing the planet: Caring for the Environment is our Responsibility’, ELC students built a vegetable garden. The garden was prepared not only to educate students, but also to produce vegetables and add to the beauty of the ELC outdoor play area.

Below is an extract of an interview our Grade 6 Environmental Captains conducted with ELC students about their gardening experiences
So what have you done lately?
Cassandra – We grew veggies
Why did you plant them?
Alice – We planted them so we could eat them
Are your veggies nearly grown?
Madison – Yes they are
How did you plant them?
Charlotte – We dug a big hole and put the plants in
What is your favourite thing in the veggie garden?
Meg – I liked the broccoli
What did you do to help with the veggie patch?
Ellaode – I helped water the plants
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