Nude Food

What is Nude Food? We were all very curious to find out. Nude food, is it bananas without their skin on or carrots in pajamas? We all had very crazy ideas about what Nude Food was. We soon discovered that Nude Food is ‘Rubbish Free Lunch’.

What does this mean for Acacia College? We are on a mission to educate all students, parents and teachers about helping the environment and producing less rubbish in our lunches. We can achieve this by setting up sample lunch boxes in common areas of the school, educate classes about the 3R’s (reduce, recycle, reuse), writing articles in ‘Whats News’ to support parents with Nude Food lunches, create a compost heap for food scraps and have paper recycling bins in all classrooms and common areas.

So what is Nude Food Lunch? It is creating less packaging in our lunch boxes which in turn will help with our school and world environment.

Year 5/6 A

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