Nude Food Day at Nunawading Christian College

On Wednesday, October 17, the staff and students at Nunawading Christian College participated in their first ‘Nude Food Day’. Prior to the day, rubbish was collected and weighed. On a normal school day we usually collect around six kilograms of rubbish. On ‘Nude Food Day’ we were able to reduce our rubbish to only two kilograms. That’s a reduction of four kilograms of rubbish that would normally go into landfill.

In class, it was calculated that if we did ‘Nude Food Day’ for one week we could stop 20 kilograms of rubbish going into landfill. It would be even more if we had 100% participation. In one term we could save 200 kilograms of rubbish and over a year it would be close to one tonne.

The school community was inspired by the results and we are committed to making everyday a ‘Nude Food Day’.

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