Our first Biodiversity audit

In Environmental Science class we assessed the biodiversity of our school, Kambrya College. We used the biodiversity quality assessment guidelines, which looked at various aspects including the amount of habitat, native and exotic trees, habitat extras, soil management, environmental weeds and litter solutions.

Process: Over the duration of 6 periods, we counted and evaluated the environment in the school. Before we did this, we worked out how many hectares the school covers (which was found to be 2.14 ha). We calculated the percentage of organic litter on the ground, took tree measurements, assessed the amount of understorey plants, weeds, logs, soil, rocks and habitat extras. When this was complete, we assigned a rating. We aimed to average >75%.

Outcomes and learning: We learnt that our school rates pretty low (67%). However, there are some positives to take from the analysis: 25% of Kambrya school grounds are covered in understorey vegetation, there is 100% cover of organic litter in gardens, and more than 5 logs and/or rocks per hectare.

Summary: In summation, our task was to assess the environment at Kambrya College. The school could be improved to be more environmentally friendly by possibly planting more native trees and adding more habitat extras.

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