Our New Mini Beasts

The Prep to Grade 2 area recently received a male and female Spiny Leaf Insect from the Kyabram Fauna Park. We have set up an enclosure in the shared area that will give them a safe place to climb around and feed on leaves as we watch them grow and change.

Pippa Grabham in Grade 1/2 RR has become our resident entomologist, studying the biology and requirements of these wonderful indigenous Australia insects. Pippa has presented her research in an informative talk and slide show with video to each of the Prep to Grade 2 classes. Pippa is responsible for the wellbeing of our fascinating pets and is training a team of other students to take in turns at changing the leaves, keeping the cage clean and spraying water to keep them humid.

Over the past few weeks, Pippa has run a naming competition to decide what we will cal our new pets. Lucy McCormick, Lily & Isabelle Trezise, Nicola Minicozzi and Christian Corso were the competition winners. The prize was a play session with “Spikey” (girl) and “Sticky” (boy).

Thank you to Nicola and the Minicozzi family who took excellent care of Sticky and Spikey over the recent school holidays.

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