Our Waste Mission

In Term 3, our Enviro Leaders worked together with CERES to conduct our Litter and Waste Audit.

Like all schools, MCC can produce large amounts of waste. However, it is our aim to send as little waste as possible to landfill. But first we needed to assess where we currently stand with out waste. The students collected bin samples from across the school yard and inside learning communities and school buildings. They investigated the amount of waste and level of contamination in each area. It was noted that certain schoolyard zones were more affected than others.

Over the next few weeks we will be informing the school of the results of our audit. Students will be devising ways of changing our habits regarding the way we recycle items such as paper and consumables. We will be trying to move towards reusing, reducing and rethinking the way we use these items. We are currently implementing the following towards minimising our waste:

  • Nude Food days
  • All food to be finished in classroom zone

  • Encourage reusable / sealable containers to be used for food

  • Tubs placed outside classrooms for containers

  • All containers to be labelled with names

  • Food scraps to worm farms/compost bins

  • Reusable drink bottles

Our school is committed to a whole school approach to environment education of which waste minimisation and rubbish free food plays a vital role. We plan to revise and refine our waste reduction practices as well as proactively seeking opportunities for further learning. Our aim is to continue to implement the following:

  • Nude food (everyday)
  • Visual and oral reminders (posters, murals)
  • Regular updates at assemblies and in newsletters
  • Community awareness for all our waste reduction practices
  • Implementation of classroom strategies by Environmental Leaders (e.g take home any wrappers you bring)

Little changes make a big difference!

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