Our Say: Divorcing the supermarket and supporting local business

By Deanne Jones
Outreach Educator

As a mum of two young children, getting out and about in search of local, sustainable produce is often a tricky endeavour. Working around naps, entertaining the little monkeys and fitting everything in can be a fine balance especially when tantrums, bickering and whinging is thrown into the mix. The supermarket often becomes the most convenient option – and we all know shopping with kids is not much fun at all!

Shopping predominantly at the supermarket also gave me this unsatisfied, nagging feeling as it went against my core values and passion to live sustainably and support local. I wanted to make my dollar count, to keep our local economy strong, and ensure we have access to affordable and sustainably grown food into the future but this pursuit really didn’t fit into my lifestyle. In order to overcome this issue and also support local businesses, I decided to investigate what I could purchase online and was pleasantly surprised in what I discovered… this kicked off the process of divorcing the supermarket and this is what I found…

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Firstly, I looked into local, sustainable fresh fruit and veggies. There are many options out there for seasonal fruit and veggie box delivery but the most obvious one for me was where I work and tapping into CERES Fair Food. CERES Fair Food is an online organic grocer and carbon neutral food delivery service in Melbourne that is helping to create healthier, happier, and more secure local food systems. Local organic farmers are paid a fair price for their sustainably grown organic fruits and vegetables, sticking with them throughout the growing season, so they can focus on what they do best – growing our food! The produce is fresh and crisp and there is a generous amount of fruit and veggies in each box. I scheduled in a small fruit and veggie box in for fortnightly delivery or pick up from a local food host (in my case CERES market when I am in at work).

Better still and a point of difference, CERES Fair Food is a social enterprise that employs and trains a team of hard-working people who haven’t always had the easiest time finding a job. It really does tick all boxes and it is affordable!

Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet paper is a no brainer for me butWho Gives a Crap take it one step further. Their toilet paper is not only 100% recycled which reduces the consumption of loads of energy and water; saving thousands of trees and hundreds of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions; they also donate HALF of their profits to WaterAid.

WaterAid is an organisation with extensive experience and skill in implementing high impact sanitation projects throughout the developing world. For every roll of toilet paper you buy, you’re helping to provide someone with access to a toilet for one week! To date, they have provided enough funding to help give a year’s access to a toilet to almost 70,000 people, and they’re just getting started! Who gives a crap delivers toilet paper, tissues and paper towel straight to your door and in bulk…

Those tricky other bits and pieces…

Your Grocer was introduced by a friend and it has been a life changer for all of those other little bits and pieces! Your Grocer pretty much does it all. The idea is to connect customers to local and independent businesses and then deliver it to your door in one go (and at one delivery cost)! My local runs in Brunswick and the Preston Market have everything from fresh pasta, coffee beans, fresh seafood, deli items and even wine. In some cases, it is also same day delivery. Couldn’t get much easier than that! Furthermore, by having one truck on the road vs multiple cars it also saves greenhouse gases, not to mention preventing tantrums!

Online shopping has become the new norm with a myriad of options out there. I do believe however that the options mentioned are not only convenient but also tick off some major environmental and social boxes. So, what are you waiting for? Click away and get shopping!

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