Our Worm farms in action

Using our organic waste to make worm tea…

Over the course of the week the children were involved in a variety of environmentally focussed learning tasks. A number of children were tuning in and finding out about our approach to organics waste. Every Learning Studio has an organics waste bucket where they collect fruit and vegetable scraps such as banana skins, apple and pear cores. The children use this bucket after brain food, eating their recess and lunch.

We made a couple of discoveries during the cutting up of the fruit for the worms:

  • We need to eat as much of the fruit as possible so we are not wasting the fruit or giving too much to the worms. If there is too much apple it takes too long to cut up and really the person should have eaten more.
  • One of the apple cores had seeds in it and they had started to sprout, so we planted them in small pots and we are going to water them to see if they grow.
  • The stone in the middle of the nectarine is not biodegradable so the worms won’t be able to do anything with it.
  • We don’t put paper in the organics bucket but we will use some shredded paper in the worm farm when we need to help with the moisture.
  • We can find out about worms by working in a group and reading about them. We also wrote and drew what we had discovered.

MotherTeresa_wormsinaction MotherTeresa_wormsinaction2 MotherTeresa_wormsinaction3

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