Planet Saver Energy Audit

Two weeks ago, the Enviro Team worked with Corrie from PlanetSavers to conduct an energy audit of the school.

We had to go around to each room and check different things, like:
– if the lights were off
– the amount of light in the room using a lux metre
– the temperature in the room
– if the fans, heaters and air conditioners were on/off
– if the computers were on but no one was using them

We had to record all of the information onto a data sheet.

Then we all met up again and discussed what we found and ideas we had for the school.

Corrie said that we:
– were doing a pretty good job
– she liked that no one had their heaters on because it wasn’t that cold

Some ideas that we want to try at CHPS are:
– putting the photocopier in Energy Save mode (we will make a sign to remind teachers)
– just have one globe in the corridor lights
– more reminders to turn things off at the switch
– on the weekends to turn off laptops and TVs at the wall
– get each grade to have an energy monitor to make sure lights and power points are turned off
– encourage people to open windows rather than putting on the air conditioner when it is hot
– making sure the doors going outside are closed to keep the warm air inside

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