Planting at Scoresby Secondary College

The purpose of today’s work session was to lay down all of the mulch and plant as many of the native plants that we purchased from the Knox Environmental Society.

The task that I was involved in today was laying and spreading the mulch evenly. It was a fairly large task but Jordan, Andrew and I got the job done. My job was to shovel the mulch to certain areas and Andrew and Jordan were responsible for raking and spreading it out evenly into the garden bed.

Our project has come a long way and our progress is fairly good, with two more weeks until the finish. I believe we will complete this project on time because there is not much else to do. The planting will be completed by the end of the week.  Then, all that will be left to do is a tidy up around the garden, the placement of the bird boxes and regular watering of the plants until they become established.

Kurtis Clarke.

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