Pobblebonk Road

At Manorvale Primary School in Werribee, south-west of Melbourne, the students have developed the Manorvale Frog Squad, an environmental group that takes responsibility for things like mulching and weeding the gardens, checking for dripping taps and raising environmental awareness in the school. The Werribee River borders the school and has provided an opportunity to study and integrate the river ecosystem into the school grounds. Frog ponds have been installed and indigenous trees and shrubs planted throughout the school to provide habitat for native birds and frogs.

School principal John Forrester says the frog ponds are fed using run-off from the school buildings. “When we started the environmental programs in 1999 the aim was to teach the children about sustainability. We took part in Wastewise programs to reduce land use and started recycling,” John says. “Originally the idea of was not to save money but rather to do something for the children’s education by teaching them about the environment. We have saved money by reducing waste and we are teaching the children valuable lessons about living sustainably.”
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