Promoting a sense of sustainability of the children in Babies Room

Educators encourage the children to compost their scrap foods and build on their independence skills. Educators role model at first and the children follow the direction after lunch taking their own bowls to the small compost bin and then scrape them. The children have grown in confidence. Educators talk about what will happen to the compost and then assist the children to take the scraps to the large compost bins set in the ground outside.

Educators role model and guide the children to put recyclable items into recycle bin, such as cereal boxes, tissue and glove boxes. This picture shows when milk was finished at meal time, educators encouraged the child to place the milk bottle into the green bin which we call the recycle bin.

Educators role model for the children being respectful for and taking care of our environment by looking after plants and wisely using leftover water in the drink bottles. There are pot plants inside and outside, and little garden beds in the ground. The children are encouraged and shown how to spray water onto the plants in the morning and tip their left over waterfrom their drink bottles into the pots or garden beds in the late afternoon.

Educators encourage the children to learn about nature and environment. The children have watched the process of building the new garden beds and have been told that plants will grow in there. Then educators took the children to visit the garden beds to see what is happening. Educators will continue to visit the garden as seeds are planted and begin to grow.

Link to Frameworks 

 Children are connected with and contribute to their world

 Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

 A sustainable/natural environment helps children to develop awareness of and respect for the environment

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