Recycling at Merri Creek PS

“A few weeks ago the green team made a tree out of recycled materials for the IKEA National Tree Day competition. We worked over a few lunchtimes and created a free- standing tree out of bottles, coke cans etcetera. The teachers involved were Josie and Aasta. The green Team worked very hard and competed against other schools and we won! The school won a $1000 gift voucher from IKEA and the tree will be displayed at IKEA in Richmond.” – Green Team member Grade 3.

The school has recently introduced recycle bins for the playgrounds and we are in the process of teaching the students how to use the new bins correctly. We hope to see a huge improvement on the amount of general waste produced. The school regularly promotes ‘Rubbish Free Lunches’ as a way of reducing the amount of rubbish entering the school. The school also uses recycled paper and emails out the fortnightly newsletter to many families.

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