Recycling in Year 4 at Turner House – Firbank Grammar School

Early this year our Unit of Inquiry was about Reduce Reuse and Recycle for a better environment.

Our Central Idea was, ‘Our personal choices can change our environment.’ For this inquiry we had to do a project and our teacher gave us a brief to do this. Some of the tasks were compulsory.  One was to do an Action Plan of how people should change their choices concerning the environment. Most of the girls did brochures for people in the street, their families and for our school. Some girls made books with songs and stories about the environment.

We also had to make a costume out of recycled materials. There was a variety; some girls did jewellery or costumes for their teddy bear and others made tops and skirts to wear themselves. Another thing we had to do was to select a piece of recycled material and think of 5 possible new ways to use it. Next term we are going to look at our action plans and see if people have improved their behaviour towards the environment.


– Nicola Heath and Mare Claire Mitrevski 4B

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