Recycling Plastic Wrappers

Soft plastic

It is amazing the amount of plastic wrappers that are brought to school each day. These plastic wrappers used to be put in the landfill bins. But not anymore. Every classroom at Vermont Primary School has a rubbish bin that is only for soft plastics (plastic that can be scrunched up in your hand). Every Tuesday, the Planet Savers empty the soft plastics from the classroom bins and put the plastic wrappers into a large plastic garbage bag. Our teacher then takes this garbage bag to our local Coles or Woolworths. At these supermarkets there is a Redcycle bin and garbage bag full of plastic wrappers gets put in there to be recycled. Did you know that you can take your plastic wrappers straight to the Redcycle bin at your local supermarket?

By Jaslina and Jack

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