Reducing Water Usage at St Joseph’s Black Rock

During 2017, the Environmental leaders were involved in a water audit. This task involved going around the school and checking taps and toilets for leaks as we were getting alerts from “Swep” Having completed the survey, the children were educated on how to detect leaky toilets and they discovered a number of our older “duel flush’ toilets had leaky cisterns. They also made notes from interviewing the children on the playground that at times some taps were left running in the toilets as smaller children were unable to turn them off.

As a result of their discoveries, our leaders decided we needed the toilet cisterns fixed by a licensed plumber as thousands of litres of water were being wasted. It also required a system to be implemented whereby staff older students and leaders were notified to help turn of taps off for smaller children.

Having implemented these ideas, the water usage at the school reduced dramatically. This can be seen on the Resource Smart School’s app as seen below.

We take water saving very seriously at St josephs Black rock. Our 6 water tanks are used to flush our toilets and can also be used to water the vegetables growing in the school’s grounds.

Our Water Wizards fromYear2 make sure any excess water used by the dribbler taps is captured and re-used to water vegetables and other thirsty plants in the school’s garden. Buckets have been placed under the taps to save this water and it is emptied on a regular basis by our keen students onto the school gardens.

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