Renewing Our Energy Star

Sustainability students have been working towards renewing our Resource Smart Energy star over the past term.

Some of the tasks which have been completed were: Researching various types of renewable and non-renewable resources, discovering the effects on the environment of extracting non-renewable resources, suggesting ways we could save power, graphing of Mentone Primary School power consumption and an audit of power use throughout the school.

As a result of our findings we noted at the most recent School Council meeting that we had met the target of power usage for 2018 by keeping consumption below 250 Kw/student per year. We have set a new target for 2020 to reduce power consumption to below 230 kw/ student/year.

Also at School Council we ratified the new Energy Policy which includes encouraging staff and students to adopt such measures as:

  • Switching off all lights whenever leaving a room
  • Setting heating to no higher than 21, and,
  • Cooling no lower than 25
  • Turning off all stand-bys at the end of the day.

We are hoping the students will assist their teachers in complying with these guidelines and look forward to that contributing to a lessening of our future power consumption. We are looking forward to introducing new power saving measures in the future!

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