ResourceSmart at Lynall Hall Community School

Lynall Hall Community School have been working hard to reduce the amount of waste that the school produces as part of our commitment to the Victorian Government’s ResourceSmart program. We are well on our way to achieving our second star accreditation through the ResourceSmart program.

Mixed recycle bins have been placed into all of the classrooms and staff offices to reduce the amount of rubbish that is generated in the classroom. Recycle bins are colour coded and have been clearly signed, making it easier than ever for students and staff to recycle.

After successfully gaining a Yarra City Council Community Grant the Sustainability Team have purchased a set of Hungry Worm Bins. The horticulture students have done a great job assembling the bins and setting them up, including finding an innovative way to collect the worm castings using plumbing materials so it can be collected and used on the garden. Once the Hungry worm bins are fully established they will be able to process 2.5kg each of food scraps a week! This will mean that we can compost all of the food scraps from the kitchen and help to keep tonnes of waste out of landfill. We have already seen a reduction in waste as we work towards our Waste star.

A huge thankyou to the Sustainability Team and the horticulture students for all their hard work in making these positive changes possible.

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