ResourceSmart Schools certification numbers soar

In the past year CERES Outreach have worked with over 270 schools and early childhood centres in Melbourne through delivery of the award-winning program, ResourceSmart Schools.

Since June 2015, the team have helped schools and centres gain certification in over 276 modules and Stars. Here is what has been achieved:

As part of the New Schools PPP Project in which CERES is Sustainability Partner, the CERES Outreach team will deliver ResourceSmart Schools to the 15 new schools. The New Schools PPP Project has a high level of ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) and consideration to the outdoor and natural environments as spaces for learning and teaching. Students can develop skills and knowledge for understanding sustainable management of natural resources and real-world systems through activities such as; measuring and monitoring energy use, water and waste management, increasing biodiversity and understanding of living systems through developing habitat gardens and growing food.

For more information on this award-winning program and one of the longest running environmental education programs in Australia, visit the ResourceSmart Schools website.

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