RRRC Sustainability Club

In 2010 St. Mary’s introduced a Sustainability Club to the Year 3 / 4 children. The concept behind this club was to give the children some responsibility for creating and maintaining a sustainable school. We chose to offer this responsibility to this age group because we saw that some of these children were already enthusiastic and taking on leadership roles in this area. e.g. they were often getting up in front of the school at assembly to talk about the rubbish they saw around the school or to talk about the need to turn taps off.

All the children in Year 3 / 4 were involved in naming the club and assigning a uniform. They voted to call the club “RRRC” standing for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost. This acronym was screen printed onto fluorescent green vests which highlighted the group in our school.

The children in Year 3 / 4 were given the opportunity to be a part of the club, after explicit teaching time was given to sustainability and what we perceived to be the roles of the club members. At least 80% of the children took up the challenge. Members were then rostered to be the leaders of the RRRC group for a period of one month each. The leaders would wear the vests at break times to remind the other students about their mission. RRRC club members met to discuss environmental issues they saw around the school and worked together to address these issues. At each assembly these students would report to the rest of the school. Some of the issues included:

  • Energy saving – turning off classroom lights and heaters – the RRRC made signs to put on each light switch to remind others to turn off lights and heaters.
  • Waste – students were not putting their rubbish in the correct compartment of the classroom bins. RRRC created labels to put on each compartment of the bins. The club organised, educated the community and ran a ‘Nude Food Day’ at school.
  • Water – these children often turned off taps or highlighted dripping taps to our maintenance man. The group was responsible for including a water saving tip in the weekly school newsletter.
  • Rubbish – RRRC made it their business to ensure our yard was free of rubbish and to make sure the other children were using the bins correctly.

RRRC members came up with an award system where classes would be acknowledged for their efforts towards creating a sustainable school.

This club will continue to run in 2011 in the Year 3 / 4 area.

St. Mary's PS Colac photo (RRRC 2)

St. Mary's PS Colac photo (RRRC 3)

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