Soft Plastics Sculptures

Grace After a Waste audit from EnviroCare Australia, we found that in our school, 70% of our rubbish is Soft Plastics that we cannot re cycle. We would like to move towards being a nude food school but in the meantime we needed action!! Soft plastics can stay in our environment for hundreds of years and cannot be broken down. Here is an example of how they litter our environment. (chip packet video)

Alexia The Sustainability team in St. Patrick’s got to work distributing soft plastic bins to every class in the school to fill with soft plastics such as chip packets, gladwrap etc. Our plan was to collect enough soft plastics to create a sustainable project. We talked about our project at our weekly assembly and encouraged everyone to get involved. Families and teachers were even taking in their Soft Plastic from home! Our school responded fantastically and as a result we have started to create Insects and bugs for our garden made from stockings stuffed with soft plastic and covered with chip packets!

Megan The sustainability team make these on a weekly basis and have gotten members of each class from Prep – Year 6 involved in helping to paint and create them.We are still collecting the rubbish and are hoping to create more objects for our garden including a chair.

Erik Here is our song to help you remember how important it is not to let our Soft plastic end up in land mines or in our Bay. Song video

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