Solar Panels at St Therese Torquay

St Therese Catholic Primary School Torquay had 48 solar panels installed on one of its north facing buildings in December 2010. As with all schools, St Therese obtained funding through the National Solar Schools Program.

We learnt about the importance of researching deals and installers in this process. The installer we almost signed with had agreed to install 28 panels and a 5 kilowatt system. At the last minute we learnt about Eco Community, contacted them and they were able to offer and install a 9 kilowatt system with 48 solar panels for the same price. This was a huge boost to our school’s power generation potential. I would certainly recommend Eco Community and Justin Oldfield our facilitator, to any school who is working through the NSSP Grant Program.

Using the data

As a school we joined the (SMA) Sunny Portal website, as a way of viewing the energy we produce and the energy savings we make. Students at our school are able to look up our school data via the ‘publicly available plants’ link on the sunny portal home page.

The data is a great catalyst for generating discussions in curriculum areas such as sustainability, maths, science, literacy and religion. Clicking on the link below will take you to our schools data page.

An effective way to get teachers thinking about how to use this resource is to allow them time to explore the site and in teams think about the curriculum areas it could be used in and the types of questions that could be asked.

We did this with the teachers in our Sustainability Steering Committee and then they took this to their teaching teams.

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