St. Mel's goes waste free

Over the past few years we have implemented some initiatives to help us reduce our waste volume at school. After starting on our Waste Module this year, we decided that our school would be waste free by 2012. We knew that to be completely waste free straight away would be a large leap, so we decided to set ourselves targets each term. In Term 1 we would have one day a week rubbish free – WASTE FREE WEDNESDAY’S. In Term 2 we would add to that by having a few whole weeks that are rubbish free- WASTE FREE WEEK’S. In Term 3 we would add to that by having a waste free month, and in Term 4 we would have a rubbish free term. On these days we encourage people not to bring any rubbish to school, but if necessary, to follow the ‘carry in, carry out’ philosophy.

As an added incentive, our grade 6 environmental leaders give a ‘WASTE WINNERS’ award to the class who has best managed their waste each week. This involves keeping the amount of waste down, but also ensuring they are using their correct bins as labeled.

To follow our journey to becoming a waste free school by 2012, and any other environmental action we are doing, you can check out our school sustainability blog at 

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