St. Mel’s Poa Grass Growing

St. Mel’s Primary School is proud to participate in the local RiverConnect program. As part of this program, and their studies on the topic “Acting Locally”, Grade 1/2 students from St. Mel’s went on an excursion earlier this year to their RiverConnect site- at the confluence of the Goulburn and Broken Rivers. Whilst there, they identified environmental problems that were evident in the area. In particular they noticed a lot of bare soil as a result of drought conditions and off track bike use. When the wind blows or the rain falls, this soil makes its way down the banks and into the river, making the water very turbid and dirty. The Grade 1/2 students identified this as a problem they could help fix. They decided to plant and grow native Poa grass at school, in the hope that they could replant it down at their RiverConnect area. Although it took a while to start, the poa grass is still growing stronger, longer and greener everyday. We are hoping that it will be ready for replanting later this Spring.

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