St. Monica's College uses Recycled Paper

Since 2012 when we undertook the Waste Module, we have been using 100% recycled paper in toilets and a biodegradable hand soap. This decision initially met with some concern as the soap dispensers had been damaged in the past and occasionally the toilet paper had been used for purposes other than what it was designed for. Consequently the paper being purchased was the interwoven sheets to avoid any mess. This paper was virgin paper with 0% recycled fibre.

There have been no issues with the soap dispensers or misuse of the toilet paper and over the last 12months the 182 cases purchased for both campuses have made the following savings:recycled paper savings 2014

download the attached excel sheet that calculates the savings you could make at your school by moving to recycled paper. If you have already moved to recycled paper put 0% into the recycled fibre column and how many cases of recycled paper youve purchased to find out how much you have saved.

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