Student Committee’s and Staff support the Phase-out of Disposable Water Bottles in Canteen

Enviro Media Moments

We can highlight the schools achievements of the : “Removal of disposal Water Bottles from our Canteen” with the announcement of our new Staff Environment Officer, Mr Tristan Phieler and Student Leader for the Environment, Alison Gill.

Mr Phieler was excited by his new appointment along with his schooling teaching load, he has made his first focus a Waste Wise decision.

The Student Sustainability Leader , Alison Gill recently undertook the replacement of disposal water bottles being sold in the school’s canteen with the release of the St Ignatius Logo Bottles (BPA Free Plastic). Ms Taylor (Food Technology Coordinator), Alison Gill and Mr Phieler are pictured below having underlined the obvious goal of reducing waste output from the school and by the health benefits of rehydration for the students, as they are expected to have a water bottles on their desks at all times. Hooray!!

Submitted by the Environment team

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