Sustainability Activities at Rubicon Outdoor Centre

Some of Rubicon Outdoor Centres Sustainability Activities

Our new worm farm has arrived and is working well for the students on evening enviro duty. Students visit it with scraps and used teabags after they have emptied the six recycling tubs that are situated around the camp ground. Our cook Susan is very excited about the new worm farm as she is looking forward to using the worm juice (liquid fertiliser) on the new veggie garden which we have just started reaping the rewards from a month ago.
One of the other student duties at Rubicon is the morning enviro where students go into our computer system and report on how much solar power we have produced from our Solar panels. Info they then share with the camp community is; Solar energy produced at Rubicon the day before in kilowatt hours. They calculate how long this power could run the lights in our Hall for and an average household.The amount of greenhouse gas production we have saved and the $ savings over 12 months are also calculated. These students then go to all the buildings around the camp at 8.50am and do an audit (and turn off) of lights and coolers or heaters left on. All this information is then presented to the whole student body each morning before they head out on activities.
Another new addition to our water saving efforts is the Joey Cans in showers. These lie down and collect the cold water before the hot comes through and the students then distribute the water on the veggie garden and flower beds.
Overall we believe every little bit that we do counts and opens our students eyes to a variety of ways they can become aware of their impact on our environment.
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