Sustainability Initiatives at Carnegie P.S

Carnegie Primary School prides itself on it’s commitment to improving our conservation of resources and to reduce our ecological footprint. In 2008 we participated in the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) and water efficiency measures were identified and implemented. Last year, Carnegie Primary also embarked on the journey to become a 5 star resource school by participating in The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative. This has given us further opportunities to build on our existing environmental achievements.

Our environmental programs, which are underpinned by committed community, student and staff support are:
  • Reduce, Re-use and Recycling programs.
Each class has Reduce, Re-use and Recycle stations, which have clear signage. Classes across the school compete each fortnight to win the “Sustainability Cup” for the best managed resources – i.e. lights, computers off and waste correctly sorted. Our “Sustainability Captain” (a Grade 6 student) judges and awards the Sustainability Cup and also organises sustainability rosters for bins and worm/chook duties. Segregated waste from each class is taken by class monitors to be appropriately re- used or recycled. Food scraps are recycled in large compost bays, which feed worm farms/chooks and give great compost for the school vegetable gardens. Wastewater is carefully collected in containers from drinking taps by “Water Warriors” and then used to water existing plants.
  • Vegetable Gardens. Each term, a year level across the school is given “ownership” of the veggie patches. Children enjoy planting, harvesting and cooking their own produce with many valuable learning outcomes.
  • Free range chooks which help to re use food scraps in return for fresh eggs!
  • “Nude” food days. In an effort to reduce our waste stream children are encouraged to reduce their food packaging and the school has weekly “nude” food days.
  • Whole school support of international and federal environmental initiatives such as “Earth Hour”, “Walk To School Day”, “World Tree Day.”
  • Re-vegetating our school grounds and increasing biodiversity. Last year in 2008, we planted a small forest of indigenous eucalypts.
  • The Environment Club consisting of interested students meets weekly to plan and implement environmental action. i.e. propagation of plants, bottling worm waste for fertilizer and art work.
Our students enjoy leading and participating in our environmental programs with many exciting learning opportunities. We are looking forward to continuing our sustainability journey.
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