Sustainability – Prep and Grade 1

This year at St Andrews Christian College, we have developed a new subject, titled Sustainability, for the Preps and Grade 1s. The students have been looking at themes such as water, energy and waste. The students have been learning that they can make a difference in the world they live in by the choices they make.

In Term 1, the students looked at water -the big part it plays in our lives, the importance of it and how we should not waste it. We celebrated World Water Day, where the students dressed up as something to do with water and participated in a number of fun, water themed activities. World Water Day was used to celebrate the privilege we have of easy access to clean water and awareness of the need for everyone in all the world to have access to it. The students looked at WorldAid and what they do to help make this happen.

In Term 2, the students looked at energy – renewable energy (water, wind and solar) and how it can be used. We celebrated Global Wind Day, where the students made kites and flew them. Global Wind Day was used to celebrate the power of wind and its sustainability.

In Term 3, the students looked at waste – how much we produce at home and school and how we can reduce it. We participated in Enviroweek , by being waste warriors and encouraging our school to reduce waste by having a litterless lunch day.

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