Tassie Devil Day

Helping to Save an Australian Icon.

Friday 10th of December 2010

‘The Devil’s Start Yelping and We Start Helping!’ This was the powerful message communicated by the 3-4 students at Bellbrae Primary School during their recent fundraising day. Students worked collaboratively to raise money to help support the research and protection of the iconic Tasmanian Devil. The 3-4 students were extremely successful in earning a grand total of $1774.85. This figure goes towards adopting a Tassie Devil, as well as supporting Zoos Victoria- Devils Advocate program. The support from students, parents and staff, once again demonstrated the generosity and care that connects the Bellbrae community with the rest of Australia.

The idea for a fundraiser emerged after students investigated the many animals across Australia that are endangered due to sever human and environmental impact. After discovering that 60% of the Tasmanian Devil population is infected with an aggressive cancer called Devil Facial Tumor Disease, students quickly realised that this lovable creature could soon become extinct. This realisation prompted students to ask themselves, ‘What can I do?’ This fat question lead to the development of a problem based inquiry. This inquiry linked with the development of skills and behaviours students need to interact with the community and to engage with organisations and groups.

The aim of the project was to have student actively apply explicitly taught skills. Students worked together to develop their interpersonal skills in building positive social relationships, working and learning in teams and managing a resolving conflict. Students participated in scaffolded experiences in managing their own learning and growth by setting goals and managing resources to achieve these goals. They liaised with members of the community to gain support for the day through letter writing, assembly announcements and newsletter items. They generated posters, flyers and brochures to persuade. They budgeted and maintained ongoing balances of money spent and then on the day, students demonstrated knowledge of adding and subtracting money amounts.

A part from the impressive amount of money raised, the success of the day was gauge also by student reflection and evaluation. These included:

“It was an exciting and amazing day, the most exciting day of the year” Lachy Scott Grade 4

“I thought it was amazing how much money we raised” Mitchell Foxman Grade 3

“I loved watching all the people come and participate in the silent auction” Amelia De Smet, Grade 3.

“It was chaotic, but the group worked so well together and managed to serve people their snow cones” Evette Sheridan, Grade 4.

“Keeping track of the money in the accounts department was exciting. It was so much fun reporting back to the children how much we had raised’ Nadya Athan, Grade 4

From a teachers perspective, the day was an enormous success. The students demonstrated such a vast range of skills, it is impossible to list them all. The creativity and dedication of the students, left parents and teachers overwhelmed by the maturity and level capability demonstrated. I associate such pride with the experience as it was a holistic demonstration of practical skill acquisition and application for a selfless cause.

Congratulation to the 3-4 students of Bellbrae Primary School.

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