The Blue Banded Bee and St Joseph’s Black Rock

In Term 3 2017, the Grade two class had Mr O’Loughlan come to talk with them about an indigenous invertebrates that they could try to encourage into the school garden.Ian told the class about a little Blue Banded Bee that could be encouraged into the garden outside their classroom. There are a number of plants that encourage this bee, one of them being the dianella plant species that grew naturally in the area prior to urban development. Ian also told the children about some bee hotels they could make to encourage the insects to make homes.

The students decided as a group to write some letters to Bayside Indigenous Nursery, Park Road Home Timber and Hardware, and Bay Rd Nursery and Bunnings to ask for some materials to make this ideas come to life. We were so lucky, our first donations arrived in September and were ready for 20 enthusiastic children to start to create some habitats and shelters for this little bee.

Parents came to school to help construct the Blue Banded Bees’ habitat homes with the wood provided and bamboo sticks. The children had a ball making them and have placed them all around the school as well as in their Garden with the dianella plants donated that will attract these tiny insects.

This was a great activity to continue increasing the biodiversity in the school and was done entirely by the students with a little help and guidance from the teachers, Ian and Parent helpers.

Picture 1 – Mr O’Loughlan and the Grade 2 Class

Picture 2 – A completed Blue Banded Bee hut

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