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The Ethical Living Challenge (ELC) is about learning how to live more responsibly. Our purchases and actions often have shocking effects around the world – they can fuel slavery, keep people in poverty, deny workers their rights, and destroy the environment. Ethical living is about ensuring your day-to-day decisions don’t contribute to these things. ELC aims to create a generation of ethical leaders who are aware of the issues and know how to make the right choices. It’s not necessarily about radically changing your habits – it’s about knowing how to make change step by step.

How it works

Early Living Challenge ImageThe 2015 ELC will take place from May 1st – 21st. Each morning for these 21 days, an e-mail will be sent to you. It will have a different theme each day – everything from chocolate to fashion to travel. You’ll learn a bit about the topic, then you’ll be given a daily challenge to do which might be writing a letter to a politician, calculating your slavery footprint or talking to your favourite café about Fairtrade. Each of these things will build you up as a leader, giving you the tools you need to continue creating change after the challenge finishes. It’s up to you how much time you dedicate to the challenge and how you’ll make a difference. You also have the option of applying to be a regional ambassador – more about this on our FAQs page.

You also have the option of applying to be a regional ambassador, and there will be competitions and product giveaways throughout the 21 days. A new website will up be soon, but for the meantime Like the Ethical Living Challenge Facebook page to stay updated!

The Ethical Living Challenge is sponsored by Ethical Switch.

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