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Environmental Leadership – A catalyst for change

The burden of climate change falls heavily on young people. Their environmental leadership will drive the social and political change necessary to address serious environmental degradation. This year the Green Pledge schools team are contacting hundreds of schools, both private and public, in urban and rural Victoria.

The Green Pledge provides Years 9 – 12 students with a unique platform that fosters an engaging and interactive understanding of climate change. As a team of university students, the team understands that young people are passionate, creative and innovative. By arming students with the appropriate training and tools, the Green Pledge schools team hope to further develop these skills. Their aim is to create long-term environmental leaders, for long-term solutions.

The Green Pledge is flexible, and provides an adaptable framework that may be adjusted to suit schools’ particular needs.

What does the Green Pledge involve?

Beginning in the first week of September 2015, taking the Green Pledge involves making 5 changes to your daily routine for one week, in an effort to halve your carbon output. Sponsorship money you collect goes to Friends of the Earth Melbourne. With their guidance, students may choose from a wide range of ‘pledges’ to suit their interests and personal goals:

1. Transport – catching public transport, walking or riding
2. Veg Out – eating vegetarian meals for the week
3. Second hand consumption
4. 2 Minute Showers
5. Put your bank on notice – telling bank s to divest from the fossil fuel industry
6. Write three letters supporting climate action
7. Host an environmental movie night with your friends and family
8. Get active on social media – post articles on a variety of climate change topics
9. Waste free lunch box
10. Be creative – schools with capacity can use this option to implement a range of innovative and exciting initiatives – e.g. a new vegie patch or rain water tank.

What can schools do to get involved?

The Green Pledge schools team will contact you about coming to talk at your school. They love to meet school students face to face and discuss the project with them.

If your school has an environmental, social justice or leadership group that would be receptive to this, the Green Pledge schools team would love to run an introductory workshop with them. They appreciate the power of peer-to-peer learning and engagement so this workshop could inspire students to take the project on board and promote it throughout the school.

The team will be running this introductory workshop at schools throughout Term 2 and 3.

Alternatively, the Green Pledge schools team would love to come to your school and give an engaging presentation to the students explaining the project and getting them inspired to take action! They can give these presentations at the start of Term 3 before the Green Pledge in the first week of September. All you need to do is contact the team (details below) and they will organise a time to come in! The team are flexible with times and happy to accommodate to your needs.

For more information or to book the Green Pledge schools team to visit your school for an introductory workshop or presentation, please contact Anika Stobart on 0431 891 483 or via email at anika.stobart@foe.org.au


Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is the world’s largest grassroots environmental organisation, with over 2 million members worldwide.

The largely autonomous Melbourne branch runs a number of campaigns around environmental and social justice issues. These include the Yes to Renewables campaign, which advocates for strong investment in renewable energy in Victoria, and the Quit Coal campaign, which is leading the way in ensuring Coal Mining and Coal Seam Gas explorations are halted in our state.

Download a copy of this information here.

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