The Green Team Report

Did you know that every single class have their own recycling bin at our school?!

The entire school had a competition organised by the Green Team to come up with great designs for each class’ recycling bins, so that the bins will be bright and colourful to look at. Now that each class have recycling bins we can be a more sustainable school. Also, there is less need to cut down trees for paper. The school also has bought brand new recycling and rubbish bins for outside and the Green Team have made a roster to take the bins out for the truck to collect every Wednesday.

Written by Shanghavi and Ngaio 06.05.2015

Last year Brandon Park Primary School had our first EVER vegie garden, the middle school helped plant onions, spinach, peas, broccoli and lettuce and we made our own delicious salad sandwiches. You may think the vegie garden this year looks awful and that is due to the new building renovations happening this year, however we have exciting news that this year the vegie garden is back in business because the buildings have been delayed!J We can’t wait to grow vegetables for our winter soup!

Written by Holly & Nick 06.05.2015

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