The Monican Envirofriends Report

EnviroFriends Report – Semester One

It has been a wonderful start of the year for EnviroFriends in 2016. We welcome all of our enthusiastic Year 7 students to the team.

The EnviroFriends team have been busy maintaining our lovely veggie gardens where produce is sold to the St Monica’s Community. As well as caring for our chickens, frogs, turtles and lizard in the Animal Room, we also removed mosquito fish from the wetlands, which are an introduced species to the area, and then fed them to our turtles. We have implemented compost bins in the Year 7 classrooms which encourages students to place their brain food and food scraps into these bins rather than the general waste rubbish bin. Not only does composting create healthy soil for our veggie gardens, but it reduces global warming by reducing the amount of methane (greenhouse gas) produced if food scraps were to go to landfill. Our school has been acknowledged as School of the Week (May) in the From Paddock to Plate newsletter for our composting efforts.

I am pleased to announce that St Monica’s College is a Three Star Resource Smart School at the Davisson Street Campus with Two Stars for the Dalton Road Campus. We have completed modules in Core, Waste and Energy which demonstrates the reduction of these resources at our school as well as how we implement these areas in our curriculum. Although we have completed the same modules for both campuses, we need to reduce our energy consumption at DRC to obtain our Energy Star. We are currently completing the Biodiversity module which will be finalised in early Term 3.

We have hosted a number of events including Clean Up Australia Day whereby all of the Year 7, 8 and 9 students of the College picked up rubbish around the school over three days at the start of March. EnviroFriends then conducted a rubbish audit at the end of each clean up which involved counting and sorting the rubbish into general waste, recycling and compost. There were approximately 1535 pieces of rubbish collected over the three days: 940 general waste, 530 recyclables and 65 food scraps to be composted.

We also hosted two Earth Hour concerts in March; one on each campus, where students preformed music using instruments which do not require the use of electricity. The purpose of these concerts was to promote awareness amongst students to reduce their amount of carbon pollution which contributes to global warming. Students were encouraged to turn off for the places we love and prevent climate change. I would like to thank Jay Cammareri, Marco Josiphvic and Max Villella who played the acoustic guitar on DRC and Makayla Rao (vocals), Cris Alessi (vocals) and Isabelle Teycheney (acoustic guitar) who performed on DSC.

Earth Day and World Environment Day were celebrated at the College and students planted indigenous plants down at the wetlands. Plants help reduce global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it into oxygen via photosynthesis. Native plants were chosen as they grow better in the Australian climate and promote wildlife to the area.

Envirofriends had the tough job of choosing a winner for the Recycle Bin Art Competition. Students across both campuses had the opportunity to enter. The task was to produce an artwork, promoting the environment in which the winning entry will be printed on our new recycle bins. I would like to congratulate Abigail Matula and Lisa Hong from 7 Indigo on their work. New recycle bins will be distributed to every classroom at the commencement of Term 3.

EnviroFriends have had a tremendous start to 2016 but there is still a lot more to come for Semester 2 including our Recycled Art Mural made out of bottle caps, the Resource Smart School Awards where we will be entering four categories, new paper recycle bins and a Biodiversity Star to put towards St Monica’s College being a 5 Star Resource Smart School.

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