The Start Of St Brendan’s Journey

Our school is 19 years old and has been established on old orchard fields that were donated by a local parishioner in the area. It is a flat area that virtually is a blank page ready for planting.
We would like to represent the history of this area by planting a small apple orchard and also other fruiting trees.

We have just enclosed a large area and built planting boxes in it. We have started to develop this area by planting vegetables, developing vertical gardens and making a three bin compost bin out of pallets.
Our children are timetabled in our garden area to plant and maintain their vegetable plots. At the moment we are only planting vegetables and establishing the various areas.
Children will be learning how to plant their trees and how fruit trees can be planted in various ways e.g. espalier. They will be learning the difference between plants and weeds, and what we need to do to help our plants, trees and vegetables grow.
We are also looking at the waste situation at St Brendan’s. We have compost bins in every room and a large compost bin. We are experimenting with 3 different ways of composting our fruit and vegetables.
3 bin composter
Green cone composter
Aerobin composting system
We have introduced a nude food day each Wednesday and the children are asked to take their rubbish home. This has reduced the amount of rubbish coming into the school.
Our aim is to establish a system where the children become responsible for the emptying of the separated rubbish into central bins, so that in the future our rubbish going to landfill is reduced and the cost of our waste is reduced.
We are looking at establishing a “Green Team” next year from Prep to Six so that this system is automatic and that the whole school community is on board and educated as to waste and gardening.

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