Tree Planting Day at Solway Primary School

Each year SolwayPrimary School joins hundreds of schools across Australia for the PlanetArk Tree Planting Day.  Our shared goal is to increase and protect our school communities habits and biodiversity and to provide a safe haven for our birds and wildlife. In doing so, we also create a wonderful environment for our students to play and to engage with nature.

Last year’s Tree Planting Day was undertaken by students in Level 4. 80 indigenous tubestock, supplied by the Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative (VINC) and kindly donated by Boroondara Council, provided the students with plants which were drought tolerant and suited to our area. Members of the School Biodiversity Working Group came in and helped the students plant out the ForestGarden. Cath, one of the Biodiversity Team gave a useful introduction to the students on why it is important to plant indigenous natives and how to care for them afterwards.

The Level 4s had a great day of planting and can look forward to seeing the Forest continue to grow and develop not only during their time at Solway but long after they’ve gone.

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