Tree Planting Day

We walked down to Lake Colac with Barwon Water to plant trees and native grasses. When we arrived we got told how to plant the grasses and why this would help our environment by providing habitats for local wildlife and to hold the soil together. Then we set of to work. Geelong Footballer Joel Corey and Paralympian Kelly Cartwright helped us plant the trees. We planted over 500 plants. We had to get a funny looking shovel type thing and then we dug a hole with it which then was where we planted the tree. Not everybody could dig the hole so Joel had to help them. Once we had finished planting all of the plants we went back to our meeting area. We sat down and Joel and Kelly told us a bit about themselves. After they had finished talking we all received a drink-bottle and a sticker. Then we walked back to school. Since then many of us have walked back along the foreshore and checked out how the plants are going. They are growing really dense and well.

By: Taylah & Keryl (3/4 Unit)

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