Tree Survey

Last Friday the grade 6 I sea, I care ambassadors and myself conducted a tree survey for our annual Habitat Quality Assessment Score. It was a lovely day and the students enjoyed getting outdoors to help me with the tree count. We were also looking at ‘habitat trees’. They are special trees that provide homes or shelters for birds and animals. After we surveyed the school grounds we tallied up our results and found that we had some differences in our numbers. We then had to calculate an average and concluded that we had 126 large trees over 5m and 9 habitat trees. This puts us in the highest percentile for large trees and earns us 10 points but places us in the second lowest group for habitat trees, earning us just 2 points towards our final Biodiversity Rating.

By Kunyung Primary School|2018-09-09T18:50:29+10:00September 9th, 2018|0 Comments