Upper Yarra beginning it’s sustainability journey

Native tubestock planted along Riversdale Road.

Native tubestock planted along Riversdale Road.

Upper Yarra is beginning to improve its sustainable practices and energy efficiency. We are currently taking part in the ResourceSmart program and started the process of becoming a 5 star sustainable school. The first star in this process (which we are aiming to achieve by the end of this year) is gained when the school has undertaken energy audits and created plans to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, increase biodiversity and reduce water usage. This process will take about 5 years and at the end of it Upper Yarra will be a much greener and environmentally friendly school.

The results of our energy audit were a bit shocking. In 2012 we used 315,072kWh of electricity costing $54,300 and 1,020,000MJ of gas costing $15,128. It is our aim to reduce this consumption over the next few years and to spend this money in a more effective way.

The Wednesday afternoon options group “Green Machine” has recently planted 150 native trees and shrubs along the fenceline of Riversdale Road to create a screen for the soccer oval and a small wildlife habitat for the school. Students planted Gum trees (Eucalypts), Wattles (Acacias), Bottle brushes (Callistemons), Hakeas and Grevilleas.

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