Vocational Education Training with Jackson School students

Next time you’re at CERES, check out the kitchen boxes renovated by the students from Jackson School as part of their Vocational Education Training last term. Just outside the Merri Cafe, they provide the freshest possible lettuce, radish and chives. See our before and after photos here.

Step 1 – Empty the box

Training August Image 1

Step 2: Line with plastic (yes, we made drainage holes)

Training August Image 2

Step 3: Add a layer of mulch – to help with drainage

Training August Image 3

Step 4: Fill with soil and CERES’ wonderful compost

Training August Image 4

Step 5: Planting

Training August Image 5

Step 6: Water them in

Training August Image 6

Step 7: Protect from wandering chickens and watch them grow

Training August Image 7

To find out how your senior school students can get involved, email carol@ceres.org.au or checkout https://sustainability.ceres.org.au/Training/VocationalTraining.html

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