Warburton Primary School garden!

On the 14th of November the wonderful staff of Bunnings Bayswater came to our school to join us in a gardening working bee in the School Community Garden.

The staff were friendly, helpful and fun to be around. The garden, once weed infested, has now been given proper rimming and is weed free. We weeded the garden and placed mulch around most of the area. We bent a shovel or two but eventually we pulled most of the cooch grass out of the ground. It was a great satisfaction to hear the rip of grass roots being pulled from the earth. We managed, with a lot of difficulty to heave out the biggest grass tuber of the day! By the time our grade arrived at the garden most of the work had been done for us by the enthusiastic staff. Thank you from the Bunnings staff (conveyed by John), to all the grades who participated in this wonderful project.

By Gaia and Freya

P.S. if you would like to admire our work go to youtube and look up Warburton Primary School ‘vege’ garden

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