Waste Case Study – Bayswater West Primary School

We, Kaitlin and Gabi, are very interested in recycling and helping the environment. We want to make our school grounds and the area a better place for children. We have many ideas and we would like to share them, to help them become achieved.

These are our ideas:
It would be amazing if we could set up a system or at least just tell people (adults included) that they can make a difference with even the tiniest bit of recycling. They need to check if paper can be reused before throwing it away.

We have been helping our environmental teacher Mrs K saving paper all over the school, reusing both sides of the paper. The other day we saved over a whole ream of paper! We gave it to classroom teachers for scrap paper use, like drawing on the blank side, but there were many sheets left, so we put them beside the big printer in a small box in the printing room to be used again.

Our school also has a rubbish free lunch challenge, composting and we try not to litter in the school ground.

By Gabi and Kaitlin

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